Producing caviar

Behind Perle Noire Caviar, is a team of fish farming specialists (Aquaculture) grouped around a project to produce an excellent french caviar.

The company  was created in 1997. The master of our farm and the daily and meticulous control of our fish allow us to process some of the best french caviar all year long.

Sturgeon farming

We farm our own land. Our qualified technicians and engineer's professionalism, with a very stable environment allow to our fish to grow in optimal conditions.

Baerii sturgeon

Our fish, the Ascipenser baerii, is a sturgeon from the siberian lakes, which one was introduced in France over 30 years ago. This sturgeon has the characteristic that it can grows and develops excusively in fresh water.

In our country this fish becomes mature after about seven years. Only at this age are the precious sturgeon’s roes collected. Extracted with a rigorous process from the female’s belly, they represent between 9 to 18% of the mass of the fish. This caviar is named naturally the baerii caviar.

How is Perle Noire caviar processed ?

The process of producing Perle Noire Caviar is a delicate one , which requires numerous steps. All these steps are realized in our factory respecting all E.U. standards in terms of hygiene and respect a high performance traceability.

The roes are extracted from the the sturgeon female’s belly at a very specific stage in maturity. Then they are sieved. washed, drained and sorted according to their size, their color, and firmness, and then seasoned  with very pure salts finely measured, and finally packed in 1 or 1.8 kg tins to be maturated. This maturation, period from 2 weeks to 12 months according to the desiderated taste. This will allow the development of its flavor. Our salt content is very low (according to the traditional Malossol processing) for a better flavour.

Then the caviar is canned in small traditional tins or in weighted vaccum tins.